Advantages Of Using Flex Court Miami Advantages Of Using Flex Court Miami

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Advantages Of Using Flex Court Miami

Instead of patching up the damaged court you have in the backyard, why not rebuild it and use Flex Court Miami? Here are the benefits of switching to this sports court surface:

  • Durability – Flex Court comes with a 16-year manufacturer direct warranty and a 25-year life expectancy. Built-in UV protection aids in outdoor color performance and UV/AO Stabilizer for best color fastness.
  • Design choices – Flex Court is modular, so you can design a court in just about any size. Your Flex Court designer and installer can help you choose one from a number of popular sizes. You can also choose from a large selection of colors in any combination.
  • Improve your game – Flex Court’s super grip surface design means you can jump and turn without slipping. And its shock-absorbing, suspended surface provides better ball bounce for great game performance.

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